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Medical staff

The LAR medical staff regroups a considerable amount of experiences, skills and professional knowledge, thus guaranteeing a high-quality medical care for patients on board of its rescue helicopters and air ambulances.

Intensive care nurses

LAR intensive care nurses operate in a wide field of tasks, thus requiring several years of medical experience, including significant experience in emergency and intensive care medicine.

In the context of helicopter rescue missions, they fulfil a double role: First, as co-pilots during the outward journey, they assist the pilot in locating the emergency site, in choosing a suitable landing area, and in ensuring that the necessary medical help gets to the patient fast and safe. From the landing to the return to the hospital, they act as rescue workers through their initial role as intensive care nurse by administering emergency first-aid following the doctor’s instructions.          

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LAR intensive care nurses also accompany patients on board of the air ambulances during international repatriations. Along with the LAR doctor, they take care of a sick or injured patient from the hospital abroad up to their hospital bed at home. Before, during and after the flight, they attend to the patient’s needs and carry out all necessary medical treatment until the arrival in the hospital at home.



35 freelance doctors, mostly anaesthetists and intensive care physicians specialised in emergency healthcare, work for the Luxembourg Air Rescue. They accompany and guarantee the medical treatment on board the air ambulances during repatriations from abroad. Prior to take-off, they clarify the patient’s condition and his/her medical history, to subsequently escort them from the hospital abroad to the hospital in their own country. Experienced paediatricians are called upon, if the patient is a young child or a baby.

Furthermore, an LAR emergency doctor is on daily duty for the Air Rescue 3 helicopter at the Findel airport, in order to accompany transfer flights between Luxembourgish hospitals and specialised hospitals in Luxembourg or neighbouring countries. He/she also carries out rescue missions in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland in Germany.