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Our organisation

The Luxembourg Air Rescue group consists of the following entities:

Luxembourg Air Rescue A.s.b.l. (LAR)

Founded in 1988, LAR, is a non-profit organisation which ensures air rescue services in Luxemburg. LAR is constituted by its affiliated members with a main focus on:


  • philanthropic and humanitarian activities.
  • saving human lives and preserving people’s health by operating rescue helicopters and ambulance aircraft in Luxemburg, the greater region and throughout the world.
  • organisation and operation of air rescue services for physicians, medical assistants etc.
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Fondation Luxembourg Air Rescue (FLAR)

The Fondation Luxembourg Air Rescue actively supports LAR’s activities by providing the necessary financial resources for funding new medical equipment. More information: www.flar.lu


Luxembourg Air Ambulance S.A. (LAA)

LAA is a joint-stock company wholly-owned by LAR and was founded due to the following reasons:


  • Operation of an airline specialised in medical and humanitarian missions (Transport of persons and goods, by helicopter or by aircraft).
  • Provision of transportation services for commercial purposes in the mentioned fields in order to optimise the fleet capacities.
  • Provision of maintenance and repair services for the fleet and medical equipment as well as offering assistance and consultation in aviation matters.
  • VAT refunds as a substantial part of financial resources

More information: www.air-ambulance.com