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Our helicopter and air ambulance crews take off every day in order to guarantee high-quality medical rescue missions.

Helicopter pilots

All LAR helicopter pilots must meet special requirements in order to fulfil the demanding tasks of rescue missions, including frequent take-offs. They dispose of many years of flight experience (over 2.000 flight hours are required for hiring) in order to being able to master all sorts of unusual conditions they may encounter during the flight.          


In their daily missions, LAR helicopter crews only learn about the destination of their flight upon receiving the emergency call. As the helicopter takes off within 2 minutes after the alert, no detailed and finalised flight plan can be prepared in advance and everything needs to be carried out in an organised and coordinated way. Once arrived on site, the crew rapidly needs to find a safe and suitable landing spot. In addition to the emergency (112) rescue missions, the helicopter pilots furthermore carry out uncommon interventions using specialised equipment, such as the long-line or a water bucket, as well as search and rescue missions.      


Air ambulance pilots

In addition to several years of experience, air ambulance pilots need to be team players and pass psychological tests before joining the LAR. All LAR pilots also need to complete specific “Type-Rating” training courses for each individual airplane models in order to comply with the different flight specifications. Co-pilots further undergo continuous training courses in order to be trained as captains.

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Unlike their colleagues in the commercial sector, LAR pilots do not always land on the same runways. They only learn the details of their missions and destinations a couple of hours prior to take-off and therefore have to be able to easily adapt to the destination as well as cultural specifications. They are also in direct contact with the patients, who require the complete care and attention of all crew members.