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Technicians and engineers

Our experts in the fields of technology and engineering are responsible for the excellent condition of our helicopters and aircrafts

Technicians and Engineers


Qualified LAR technicians carry out helicopter repairs and maintenance within the LAR hangars. According to the EASA Part 145, LAR technicians can carry out all line- and base maintenance work. The combination of long lasting experiences, the availability of teams around the clock, as well as the regular and frequent drills carried out by the maintenance department staff, guarantees the safety and efficiency of LAR helicopter flights throughout the year.

Since 2015 LAR also has an internal maintenance service for its aircraft fleet. Since then, the "Line Maintenance" on the LAR aircraft is no longer carried out by external technicians but by the qualified LAR technicians within the LAR hangars. In addition, since January 2017 the internal LAR maintenance service has been authorized to carry out "600-hour inspections" on its aircraft itself, which is part of the "Base Maintenance". LAR engineers are in charge of planning strategic maintenance works of the LAR air ambulances. The LAR engineers schedule the maintenance in order to have at least three medical air ambulances in service at all times. 

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