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Air Rescue: Let the LAR’s guardian angels watch over you!


“Saving people’s lives!” That is the mission of humanitarian organisation Luxembourg Air Rescue, which now has 183,000 members.


LAR is the only organisation in Luxembourg which flies its own helicopters and its own ambulance jets in the Grand Duchy, the Greater Region and worldwide, 365 days a year.


To thank their members for their contribution and support (LAR members pay an annual fee of €65 for an individual, €115 for a family; corporate rates available), LAR repatriates its members free of charge in the event of a medical emergency abroad. Each member knows he can count on LAR to be repatriated safely and under the best possible conditions, always with a specialised doctor and a flight nurse on board.


Unlike other organisations, which offer repatriation services, but often contract these out to unreliable external providers, LAR guarantees a personalised service to its members and patients, using its own state-of-the art medical fleet and its own team of experts.


René Closter, LAR founder and president, remarks: “We have seen planes carrying patients land at Findel airport in an unsafe and occasionally even illegal condition. After all these years, I know that only experience and competence count in emergency situations. “


Unlike other firms, LAR provides a bed-to-bed service from A to Z and keeps close track of every phase of its operations. As soon as an emergency call comes into the alert centre, teams focus on the patient’s welfare at each and every stage.


“You can visit our facilities and see our own helicopters and air ambulances at work. You can meet our doctors, pilots, flight nurses and other specialists. They are available for you 365 days a year, 24/7,” Closter says.


LAR offers guided visits of its facilities. For more information, consult lar.lu.


To support its social mission in Luxembourg, LAR also offers medical repatriation for insurance companies and other organisations around the globe. Furthermore, LAR is the exclusive carrier for all transplant centres in France, with the exception of Paris.


Over the past thirty years, LAR has completed more than 40,000 missions. The LAR crews have travelled the equivalent of the earth’s radius a staggering 1,200 times (more than 44 million kilometres) in their efforts to provide aid and save lives. Last year alone, LAR helicopters intervened in almost 1,800 incidents, of which 762 took place in the Grand Duchy. LAR air ambulance teams carried out no fewer than 842 medical repatriations from 81 different countries.


The 180 people working at LAR are driven by the same passion to perform their tasks to the absolute best of their abilities and keep their patients happy:

“Mir si fir Iech do”: “We are there for you” is much more than just a slogan: For each and every member of LAR’s staff – be they pilot, doctor, nurse, technician, or administrative staff – this motto sums up their unwavering dedication to the wellbeing of their patients and members


LAR is constantly improving the quality of the treatment and the overall service it offers patients, with the aim of remaining a top-ranked and highly effective medical emergency and rescue organisation. “We set a very high standard of quality that very few organisations around the world can match,” says Closter. LAR’s 183,000 existing members know they can rely on LAR to get them home safely in the event of a medical emergency abroad.


A key element in LAR’s excellent service is that it owns its own aircraft and employs its own experts and professionals. LAR’s employees maintain almost all of LAR’s aircraft themselves in state-of-the-art hangars at Findel airport.


LAR’s medical teams make use of the most advanced technologies to upgrade their training. Among these is a simulation room, which recreates medical emergency scenarios, including real-life effects, such as sounds, light, wind, rain, snow and much more. With the aim of improving its life-saving operations, teams make use of a computerised mannequin to replicate life-and-death emergency situations. The mannequin is able to simulate a wide range of human emotions and reactions, including crying, screaming, bleeding and even heart attack – the ideal patient for practicing doctors and flight nurses! This unique facility also attracts a large number of professionals from Luxembourg and abroad.



Worldwide, LAR remains one of the leaders in the field of medical repatriation.

Luxembourg Air Ambulance (LAA)* recently beat more than 800 competitors to win the prestigious title of “Best Air Ambulance Provider” in the world – a great recognition of its formidable work.

LAR members who have had to make use of LAR’s services can testify to the quality of the association’s care better than anyone else. Alice D., bitten by a highly venomous snake in Costa Rica, has a particularly moving memory of the time an LAR doctor, having just flown in from Luxembourg, opened the door to her hospital room in San José, Costa Rica - “It was Christmas come early for me! The doctor’s presence immediately reassured me and I knew we would finally be able to return home safely and comfortably!”


For more information: http://www.lar.lu

* Founded in 1988 as a non-profit association, Luxembourg Air Rescue (LAR) now has 183,000 members. The organisation, and its Luxembourg Air Ambulance (LAA) division, has a fleet of six MD902 helicopters and six ultra-modern Learjet 45XR air ambulances. LAR and its 180 employees are dedicated to saving lives and protecting the health of individuals in distress on a 24/7 basis, 365 days per year. LAR does this in Luxembourg, the Greater Region and throughout the world. In fulfilling its tasks, LAR applies the highest standards of safety and quality, not only in the domain of medicine, but also in technology and aviation. www.lar.lu.