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As a non profit organisation LAR finds itself closely related to public interest. It’s important for us to keep the general public informed about our work.

Official Opening of the new Luxembourg Air Rescue facilities

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Another milestone in the history of air rescue services in Luxembourg

At last the time has come: after a construction phase of over a year ? and thus staying within the original time schedule ? Luxembourg Air Rescue has moved into its new premises at Findel Airport.

On April 20th 2016, LAR staff, together with guests, celebrated the official opening in the presence of His Royal Highness, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

The newly constructed premises comprise three hangars with a combined size of 3.600 sqm for the LAR aircraft fleet, as well as 3.500 sqm office space, including a state-of-the-art Control Centre and innovative medical training facilities. For René Closter, President and CEO of Luxembourg Air Rescue, the new building establishes the ideal basis for air rescue services in Luxembourg: ?The new building has been planned by our staff for our staff. It constitutes in many ways a significant progress for our live saving mission. The infrastructure, and thereby working conditions, have been optimised for our staff in such decisive ways that they are now even better able to fulfil their mission of saving people in emergency situations.?

One improvement, for example, is that as a certified MDI Helicopters Service Centre, LAR can now carry out all helicopter repair and maintenance services by itself. This allows for a reduction in costs, especially in regards to larger maintenance tasks for which the helicopters previously had to be flown to maintenance companies located abroad, and which now can be performed in-house. Furthermore, maintenance works on the LAR ambulance aircraft fleet can also be carried out by LAR?s own technicians in the new hangars.

An additional advantage is the fact that all LAR staff are now located under one roof, compared to two separate sites in the past. This will not only help to reduce costs and make a better utilisation of resources, it will help improve teamwork across all departments of the LAR Group. Thanks to shorter communication lines between different departments, working conditions and processes can further be improved, which reflects the high quality standards of LAR and contributes to the well-being of patients and members.