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Why become a member?

6 good reasons to become a LAR member

Experts in the medical air rescue services

Numerous people owe their life to the fast airborne medical assistance by rescue helicopter. Thanks to the support of its members air rescue services exist in Luxembourg. As a private organisation LAR is mainly self-financed and depends thereby on the membership fee of its adherents. With his membership every member shows solidarity and helps us to maintain the air rescue services in Luxembourg. As a token of gratitude to its members for their contribution, Luxembourg Air Rescue offers them free repatriation from abroad in case of a medical emergency.

Free repatriation worldwide

Most health insurance companies do not cover repatriations from abroad. In case of a medical emergency worldwide– provided that the safety of the affiliated member who is repatriated and of the medical and technical staff, can be guaranteed, LAR organises the quickest possible repatriation of its member. We choose the type of transportation most adequate for your medical condition: ground ambulance, rescue helicopter, commercial airliner or air ambulance. If you are a member, LAR organises the entire transport from abroad at no extra costs.

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We take personally care of YOU

Our patients and members are our ‘raison d’être’. Unlike services offered by commercial assistance organisations, your call to LAR does not end in an anonymous call centre: within the LAR alert centre, well trained LAR employees take over your call, keep contact with your family, organise your repatriation with our own jets, pilots and doctors and provide you, if needed, a hospital bed .


Airborne intensive care units

LAR operates its own fleet of ultra-modern rescue helicopters and air ambulances offering ideal transportation conditions for sick and severely injured patients, both on short and long distance flights. With state of the art ‛flying hospitals’ and medical equipment, LAR actually provides real airborne intensive care units. LAR performs over 800 missions every year from different countries.

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In case of a medical emergency only experience and know-how matter

Every mission is different thus requiring customized, fast and professional preparation as well as execution. LAR hereby relies on highly qualified specialists like doctors, pilots and flight nurses. They are available around the clock and ready for a rapid take-off to bring you medical help. In light of even the most complicated missions, the knowledge, the awareness and the dedication of our personnel guarantee the best possible execution of their task. 


Quality = Safety

LAR was the first helicopter and air ambulance operator worldwide that has been certified with the ISO quality label. Quality, effectiveness and security, both medically and technically, are guaranteed at the highest level and regularly verified.