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Who we are

As a private and humanitarian organisation, Luxembourg Air Rescue is the sole provider of air rescue services in Luxembourg.

Founded in 1988 as a non-profit organization, Luxembourg Air Rescue (LAR) now has ~ 180,000 members.


The organization, with its subsidiary Luxembourg Air Ambulance (LAA), is made up of five MD902 helicopters and two Airbus H145 D3 as well as five ambulance jets, including three Learjet 45XR and two Challenger 605.


With 190 employees, LAR is dedicated to saving lives and rescuing those in distress in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region 24/7 and 365 days a year.


LAR applies the highest safety and quality standards in the fields of medicine, technology and aviation to its life-saving mission

Our fleet


Facts & figures

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  • More than 180.000 members
  • More than 3.000 missions every year
  • More than 190 experts
  • 7 rescue helicopters
  • Our own fleet of 5 state of the art ambulance jets
  • EASA PART-OPS certified (helicopter and air ambulance jets)
  • Accredited PART 145 (helicopter maintenance)
  • MD Helicopters Service Center
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification (air ambulance operations as well as administration)
  • Certified partner of the United Nations for disaster relief missions
  • Certification "Made in Luxembourg"

Our organisation

The Luxembourg Air Rescue group consists of the following entities:

Luxembourg Air Rescue A.s.b.l. (LAR)

Founded in 1988, LAR is a non-profit organisation with over 180 000 affiliated members that ensures rapid air rescue services in Luxemburg. The core of its activity lies in:


  • philanthropic and humanitarian activities.
  • saving human lives and preserving people’s health by operating rescue helicopters and ambulance aircraft in Luxemburg, the greater region and throughout the world.
  • organisation and operation of air rescue services for physicians, medical assistants etc.

Fondation Luxembourg Air Rescue (FLAR)

The Fondation Luxembourg Air Rescue actively supports LAR’s activities by providing the necessary financial resources for funding new medical equipment. More information: www.flar.lu


Luxembourg Air Ambulance S.A. (LAA)

LAA is a joint-stock company wholly-owned by LAR and was founded due to the following reasons:


  • Operation of an airline specialised in medical and humanitarian missions (Transport of persons and goods, by helicopter or by aircraft).
  • Provision of transportation services for commercial purposes in the mentioned fields in order to optimise the fleet capacities.
  • Provision of maintenance and repair services for the fleet and medical equipment as well as offering assistance and consultation in aviation matters.
  • VAT refunds as a substantial part of financial resources

More information: www.air-ambulance.com

Quality and technology

LAR is active in both the demanding fields of aviation and medicine rendering high quality and safety standards of utmost importance.


LAR strictly follows EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) regulations for safety management procedures, reports and recommendations in order to establish a safety culture within the organisation.

In addition to the required European certification EASA PART-OPS for air ambulances and for rescue helicopters, LAR has, since 2002, been certified ISO 9001: 2015. To comply with its own safety and quality management, LAR thrives to maintain the highest quality standards as well as a continued adherence to its policy on improving processes and procedures within the air services, as well as throughout the entire organisation. LAR is hereby assisted by external and independent auditors.

Our locations

Adress and contact details of LAR facilites in Luxemburg

Luxembourg Air Rescue

Luxembourg Air Rescue A.s.b.l. 

Aéroport de Luxembourg 

L-1110 Findel


B.P. 24
L-5201 Sandweiler 

Tel.: +352 48 90 06
Fax.:+352 40 25 63

offices are open from monday to friday from 08:00 am until 05:30 pm

LAR Findel Luxembourg Control Center

Aéroport de Luxembourg
L-1110 Findel

Alarm: +352 27 365 365
Fax.:+352 48 90 06 366





Hangar Ettelbruck

Centre Hospitalier du Nord
120, avenue Salentiny
L-9080 Ettelbruck

Tél: +352 48 90 06
Fax +352 40 25 63

Our partners

LAR is a major operator in the field of emergency flights, repatriations via air ambulances, as well as helicopter rescue missions. As a certified rescue organisation, it acts as a partner of the CGDIS. By sharing experiences with other international air rescue organisations, LAR is able to further improve the quality of the services it offers. Furthermore, in the context of international humanitarian missions, LAR is an official partner of the Luxembourg government, NATO and the UN.