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Repatriation of patients

Since September 1998, LAR carries out worldwide repatriations and intensive care transportations using its own fleet of air ambulances, thus guaranteeing the fast and safe transportation of sick or injured patients back to their countries of residence.

Repatriation of patients

In the event of an accident or illness abroad, LAR members can call our alert centre at all times (+352 27 365 365). After clarification of your medical details with your treating physician abroad, LAR organises your repatriation* from the hospital you were admitted to abroad to a hospital close to your home.

More information on the various stages involved in a repatriation.

In addition to the repatriation of its members, LAR also offers its services to insurance companies and other organisations. For information, please visit: www.air-ambulance.com

* according to the general terms and conditions of membership and repatriation  


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The air ambulances of LAR are based at the Findel Airport. They are fully equipped, medically and aeronautically, for day- and nighttime as well as medium and long-haul flights. The LAR ambulance fleet thus transports ill or injured patients requiring intensive care from one hospital to another. LAR currently owns four ambulance jets, including three Learjet 45XR and one Challenger 605.


Learjet 45XR

Manufacturer  Bombardier, Wichita, USA
Engines(2) Honeywell TFE731-20BR-1B
Power  3500 lbs shear force
Speed 860 km/h
Altitude max. 15,500 m
Autonomy  4,000 km
Total reservoir capacity 3,400 l
Maximum weight 8,700 kg
Minimum length of runway 1,100 m


Length 17,78 m
Height  4,44 m
Wingspan  14,72 m
Standard crew  2 pilots, 1 nurse, 1 doctor