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Air rescue services

The LAR rescue helicopters, that take off daily in order to save lives, have been integrated in the national emergency services SAMU since 1991.

Rapid assistance by air

LAR rescue helicopters are stationed at the Findel airport and Ettelbruck.


This geographic positioning enables them to reach any point in Luxembourg within 10 minutes.


LAR is integrated in the national emergency services SAMU and can take off within two minutes after the alert, thus guaranteeing fast, efficient and optimal nationwide emergency services. Due to its role as rapid means of transportation for the emergency doctor, first-aid treatments can be administered very quickly and  the therapy free interval therefore reduced, thus lowering the risks of further complications.


A third LAR rescue helicopter is also stationed at the Findel airport, which carries out rescue missions in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.


The three helicopters are also used for intensive-care patient transfers from Luxembourgish hospitals to specialised hospitals in Luxembourg or neighbouring countries.



In addition, LAR helicopters are equipped with a hoist system and can operate missions further afield, notably for interventions to otherwise inaccessible sites, thus allowing for a more direct and safer access to and transportation of the patient.

Lastly, LAR is part of the national emergency rescue plan for large-scale operations. In collaboration with the Luxembourgish government, the NATO and the UN, they also execute humanitarian as well as disaster relief missions and provide support to the Luxembourgish government in search and rescue missions.


LAR operates five rescue MD 902 helicopters and two Airbus H145 D3, three of which are daily ready to take off for emergency missions. The other helicopters are on standby in order to replace a helicopter, which is undergoing maintenance work or which is used for trainings.



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