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Humanitarian missions

As official partner of the UN and the NATO, LAR also collaborates with the Luxembourgish Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, in order to deploy rapid emergency medical aid in case of a natural or humanitarian disaster.

Past LAR humanitarian missions:


  • April 1999: aid to the refugees in Pristina, Kosovo.
  • December 2003: Relief efforts following the Bam earthquake in Iran.
  • February 2004: Relief efforts following an earthquake in Morocco.
  • December 2004: Relief efforts following the devastating Tsunami, which hit Indonesia.
  • October 2005 to January 2006: Relief efforts following an earthquake in Pakistan.
  • February 2012: aid to the victims of the extremely cold weather conditions and heavy snowfall in Albania.
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LAR is furthermore one of the founding members of emergency.lu, a Private Public Partnership regrouping the Luxembourgish government, HITEC Luxembourg S.A., SES Astra, TechCom S.A and Luxembourg Air Rescue. emergency.lu allows for the worldwide deployment, installation and utilisation of a satellite communication system, in order to guarantee an optimised aid coordination in case of a humanitarian disaster.   Luxembourg Air Rescue thus guarantees a fast delivery of the communication equipment for emergency.lu wherever it’s needed.