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I never imagined anything like this...


Marc Keilen

I was spending a week on Mallorca with friends. When checking in for the return flight, my vision suddenly blacked out and afterwards I was only vaguely aware that I was being taken to the hospital. Then came the shocking diagnosis: A heart attack, and that at the age of 32. It was my blood, which had a tendency to form little clumps. In the hospital in Mallorca I felt like I was in prison, because it took forever before they allowed me to use the telephone and the treatment by the medical staff was miserable. On top of this there was the language problem. I was thrilled beyond belief when the Luxembourg Air Rescue team flew me home in one of their own ambulance jets a few days later. I never imagined that I would ever need Luxembourg Air Rescue. Today, I am very glad that I had already been a LAR member for years.