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?We could not have been better taken care of?



Georges Heisbourg

?On the way back to our flat in Southern France, my husband fell as this body suddenly just bent over. He suffers from neuropathy and therefore he had already lost control over his muscles and movements a few times in the past. But this was the first time that he got severely injured. Fortunately a neighbour heard his distress calls and came running, as George could not stand on his left foot and consequently could not stand up on his own. The neighbour contacted me by phone and when I arrived at the spot and saw in what condition Georges was, I immediately called an ambulance. In the hospital the medical team diagnosed a femoral neck fracture. Thereupon I contacted LAR. The personnel of the LAR alert center promptly contacted Georges? doctor in Perpignan. After a medical exchange they decided that the facture had to be operated locally prior to repatriation to Luxembourg. So Georges underwent surgery the following day. Until the repatriation two days later, the staff of the alert center was in contact with us regularly to keep us updated but also to ask about our well-being. This really kept me grounded as I was entirely on my own in Southern France. The medical crew that picked up my husband in the hospital?s bed and took care of him during the whole flight even managed, with its cordial and caring manner, to take away my husband?s fear of flying. ?We could not have been better taken care of?, said Huguette Heisbourg. Georges Heisbourg, 68 years