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Alert center

The emergency helpline + 352 27 365 365 is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring continuous support in the event of a medical emergency.

Luxembourg Control Center missions:


  • Consultation and assistance to LAR members in case of a medical emergency abroad.
  • Worldwide organisation of patient transfers from one hospital to another via LAR air ambulances, commercial flights, or ground ambulances.
  • Exhaustive medical exchange with the local doctors in order to establish a precise diagnosis while considering transportation limitations of the patient, thus compiling a comprehensive report for the doctor and nurse in charge of the patient inside the air ambulance.
  • Flight preparations, notably clarification of the geopolitical situation of the destination country, flight traffic regulations, landing clearances, possible refuelling stop-overs, as well as numerous other aeronautical parameters.
  • Organisation and coordination of organ transportations in France (excluding Paris).Close collaboration with international air ambulance providers in order to ensure rapid and efficient missions.
  • Organisation and coordination of humanitarian mission in light of emergency.lu and in close collaboration with the Luxembourgish government, the NATO and the United Nations.
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