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I support LAR in saving lives - and protecting mine: With my membership.

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We are there for you, when your survival is at stake.

With a membership from Luxembourg Air Rescue you not only actively support the air rescue services in Luxembourg and the Greater Region – you also take advantage of free worldwide repatriation in case of an emergency abroad.


We invite any resident of Luxembourg and the Greater Region to become a member of Luxembourg Air Rescue.


We fly for your life


Give them something precious before it becomes priceless.


Offer an LAR membership to those you cherish most.


 Offer an LAR Membership

> 180,000 members trust us and are already taking advantage of our "We fly for your life" offer. Four good reasons to place your trust in us as well


We are there for you, when your survival is at stake


Every second counts, when it comes to saving your life or keeping you healthy. As a member of Luxembourg Air Rescue, you are actively supporting a fast and safe air rescue in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In the event of an emergency, our helicopters can get to the patient within 10 minutes - regardless of where he or she may be in Luxembourg. 



Worldwide return journey free of charge


As an LAR Member, you can travel at ease, knowing that you are not alone. In the event of a medical emergency abroad, Luxembourg Air Rescue will bring you back home - safely and for free. Regardless of whether this is by ambulance, airline or ambulance jet. 


Professionals with compassion, understanding and plenty of experience


No emergency is the same! You can rest assured that our experienced and expert personnel are there for you, day and night. We know precisely what needs to be done in a medical emergency abroad in order to help you quickly and efficiently, from the first call, until your safe return: With 30 years of experience, we are by your side, with compassion and understanding. 


Quality - no “ifs” or “buts”


LAR has one of the most modern air rescue fleets in the world. As an LAR Member you can trust that with us, when it comes to quality and safety, there is no room for compromise. This claim has been independently certified: As the first organisation in the world to operate with air rescue helicopters and ambulance aircraft, Luxembourg Air Rescue has been awarded ISO quality recognition.

Stay safe for only

76€ a year

  • Over 30 years of experience in air rescue missions
  • Emergency assistance with rescue helicopters
  • Highly trained ambulance teams
  • 24/7 emergency hotline
  • Worldwide repatriation with state-of-the-art ambulance jets
How do I become a member?

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You will receive your membership card by mail after paying the annual fee.

Your membership begins one month after we receive your annual contribution and expires one year later.

To renew your membership, please pay the annual fee before the expiry date.

In the event of a medical emergency abroad, you can contact our alert centre at any time on +352 27 365 365.  

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